Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun!

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the summer season so far. I am happy to say since my last post I finally found a bathing suit I could feel comfortable in. So now I am enjoying the summer big time! And, I am about to do something I thought I'd never do. Post a picture of me in the pool. Gah! Here's me and Little Man having fun at the pool yesterday.

We have been spending time at spray grounds and the pool, hanging out at the mall and going to cook outs with family. I've actually gotten a tan this summer, which I'm sorry to say has not happened since I was 16. I don't know if it's possible for your skin to change so much after pregnancy but it has. I typically burn, then I'm pale again. But so far this summer, no real burn and the tan is sticking around!

CJ has been having such a good time, and we have been on the go almost everyday.

CJ and his new Build-a-Bear

CJ enjoying a snack break by the pool

This last Sunday we took a little break and stayed home, but CJ stood at the door almost all day saying "go, go, go!". I felt bad, but also incredibly tired- it was nice to take a day and do a bunch of nothing. But we will be back to being on the go soon enough!

I also wanted to let everyone know that the book "Beyond the Diaper Bag" which features writings from real Moms (including 2 from me!) is available for purchase. I can't say enough how awesome this book is. If you are looking to find humor in the everyday routine, I would recommend this book. So go and and purchase this book, and do something good for great national non-profit chairty... 100% of the authors proceeds go to The Mommies Network!

Beyond the Diaper Bag available on

Monday, June 6, 2011

So THAT'S what I've been hiding all winter...

It's that time of year again... the dreaded bathing suit shopping. Ugh. I seriously think I'd rather have a tooth pulled. I've been out searching for a good swim suit, one that will support me and isn't more revealing than need be. It would also help if it was flattering. No luck yet. I'm sure tons of women agree with me that standing in the dressing room mirror at the begining of swim suit season kind of makes you want to cry. Your looking at yourself in the swim suit thinking "So THAT'S what I've been hiding all winter".

We got a small pool for the backyard for Little Man, which we have all ended up enjoying. I've been hanging out in the back yard in my bathing suit from 2 years ago- which is maternity. Not exactly something I'd wonder out of the privacy of our back yard in. We also recently joined the Y and they have an awesome water park for toddlers. I've been so excited to take Little Man, which is why I've been so frantic to find a suit I'm comfortable in. After several days of non stop looking through racks, finding something I think will work, and being dissappointed, I am going to give it a rest for a few days and try again next week.

So to all you ladies out there struggling to find that perfect swim suit, know your not alone. Good luck to you in your travels from store to store, I hope you find something quicker than me! And to the rest of the ladies who fit perfectly in that itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini- I hope you get sand stuck in your suit :)
                                                    just kidding.