Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY Halloween puppy costume

Here is how me and my husband made Little Man his puppy Halloween costume.

What we used:
- Oversize hoodie jacket
- Felt squares in coordinating colors of hoodie
- Fabric glue
- Needle & thread

< Cut off arms to hoodie at the shoulder seams
   (hang onto extra fabric for use later)

< Cut different sized circles out of felt squares
   (hang onto left over felt for later use)

< Using the left over fabric from the arms of the hoodie, we drew out the form of dog ears and cut out 4 pieces.

< We sewed 2 ear pieces together to form the ears, and used the left over felt pieces to stuff them. We then sewed them to the hood of the jacket.

< Glue the felt circles onto jacket to make various spots

<We used the other left over arm fabric for the tail. We rolled it up and sewed it to the bottom area of the jacket.


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