Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Man versus Couch

Little Man loves to climb on the couch. I mean really, can't you see that sparkle in a child's eye as they bounce from cushion to cushion? His favorite time to do this is when our helpless dogs are sleeping on the floor, so he can dive bomb them. Yesterday, he jumped/fell (not sure which) before I had a chance to get to him. He landed on the side of his head, and his body folded like a pancake. O.M.G. Thank God his head landed on a pillow, but still. It scared me. After cuddling him while he cried for about 10 minutes trying to calm him, I sat him down on the floor and went back to what I was doing. Of course, he went right back to the couch. It's like an addiction for him. He knows he is going to get hurt, but he does it again and again. I try to keep a good eye on him, but I am not the perfect mom. Sometimes I have to pee. Or put away laundry. Or just leave the room when I cannot take listening to D-D-D-D-D-Dora for another second. So I cannot keep one eye on him ALL THE TIME. How am I supposed to keep him from climbing the couch? Tell him no? Pffft. Telling CJ "no" is like telling a plastic surgery addict not to use the $10,000 gift card to Dr. 90120 you just handed her.
I understand that you cannot keep your children safe from everything in world. They are going to get bruises and bumps, scraps and broken body parts (cringe). Maybe I should just get him a parachute and let him have his fun. After all, my living room is cheaper than Monkey Joe's. :)

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