Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll take a cookie too, please!

So because little man was sick during his 1year pedi check up, we had to postpone his shots until today. 3 shots, one visit. I hate shot day, because... well- I am a wimp. And yes, I know that my son is the one getting the shots and not me. But when it comes to needles, ick.

This morning when me and my husband went to get CJ out of bed, he was in such a happy go lucky mood. The poor kid had no idea what was coming. In the waiting room at the doctors office he was walking around smiling at all the people, laughing having a good time. I knew this mood would not last long. Of course we waited for ever for the nurse to come in and in the mean time my nerves were on end. When the sweet little nurse finally came in with her bucket of needles, band aids, and alcohol wipes CJ was already fussy and ready to go. When she administered the 1st shot, little man lost it. I am sure you could hear his scream across the state. Then the 2nd shot, I lost it. Keep in mind please that I have to have my husband hold CJ will he gets his shots. I would rather be the comforter. 3rd shot, agony. The tears, the screams... my poor little red faced baby. Then I remembered I came prepared. I packed the diaper bag with reinforcement. Cookies! One cookie in my son's hand later and he is fine. I am the one having to hide the tears forming in my eyes. Maybe I should have had a cookie too. Next time I'll pack some for myself.

I wonder when someone will write the book "Diary of a wimpy Mom"?

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