Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stuff and more stuff about stuff.

I've been neglecting this blog. Big time. I am not sure why. I have tons to say, tons on my mind but some things I just don't know how to put into words. Other things I chose to keep private and some things I fear will be taken the wrong way. I've got to learn to get past the fear of how my thoughts and feelings will be perceived by my family and friends. Soon I hope to be able to do just that with this blog. Use it as an outlet to get things off my chest.

On another note, a late note we had a fun Valentine's day around here. Little Man was so happy to get a couple of new matchbox planes in his goody bag along with some cookies and a DVD. We had some fun with streamer that I had left over from some failed craft projects. It kept him busy for quite a while.

We decorated the windows in our dinning room with some wax hearts that were inspired by Pinterest.

and we decorated cookies.

I also decided to turn one of the walls in our kitchen into an art display for Little Man. I've been finding art canvas' on sale like crazy here lately and get them as often as I can. I'll give Little Man the canvas, some cotton balls or toy cars to paint with. I've even cut an apple in half and let him use that as a stamp. He loves to paint, and I love to watch him.

I even had a little fun with the paint too!

I do hope it wont be another month before I update again. But until then...

hugs from me and Little Man