Monday, September 10, 2012

Days go by...

Since all health scares my way have been put on hold for now the normal routine has come back into play. Months, days and seconds go by with the quickness of an intake of a breath and you are left wondering how you got to today. Yesterday is just a blur and you try to envision tomorrow. I remember trying to envision what Little Man would look like going off to preschool. How excited he would be, if he would be nervous or  the best way to prepare him for being in the care of someone else. I tried to picture all these things but when they actually happen it's so different. 

Little Man started preschool last week. I did not get emotional like I always thought I would. I think that will happen when he starts kindergarten. His nerves only lasted the amount of time it took to walk from the car to the doors of the school and he saw the surprise welcome of a bubble machine. I let go of his hand once we reached the sidewalk for the school and let him walk ahead a few steps. My Little Man, with his Spiderman backpack and new school shoes. He looked so much older than he really was. 

It was such a roller coaster ride trying to decide yes or no on preschool for C.J. It was such a large expense but we knew that it would be a wonderful start to his education and getting him socialized. So we will take it month by month and keep our fingers crossed for the best for our little family.