Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Man's home made costume

I started the search for Little Man's Halloween costume early this year. Around September I started combing through stores trying to find the perfect getup for him for his first Halloween that he would be alert enough to enjoy. My disappointment was more and more apparent the more I looked. I came across the usual suspects- Scooby, Thomas, Diego, Giraffe and so on. My problem is that Little Man has big feet. And many of these costumes had bands at the bottom of each foot, that would not fit him. Also, the weather in the Carolina's this time of year can change in an instant so I was afraid of getting him something too warm, or too cold. So I was left with the challenge of making him a costume myself. I searched online and came across several ideas that were pretty neat, and didn't require a sewing machine (yay).
In the end we only spent about $8 total for CJ's costume, and we were pretty happy with the outcome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting- CJ the Puppy

I will be posting the step by step of how this was made shortly.

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