Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday to-do lists...

The end of October always brings about a bit of stress and to-do lists for many. Plan Thanksgiving dinner, start shopping, have Christmas photo taken, make list of people to send Christmas cards to, etc. Last year after Little Man was born I never had the chance to do the Christmas photo card, so I just sent this picture out with general holiday cards.

Yea, I thought it was cute too. But, this year my plan is to have a family picture done, dogs included!

I used Shutterfly for a photo book for our Nana earlier this year and was pleased with how simple it was to use, and thrilled with the book when it was done. So no question I will use them for our Christmas cards this year. has a great selection of cards to choose from. The most beautiful Christmas and Hanukkah cards. My favorites though are the Holiday story cards. What a great idea! This one is my favorite.

That would be a gift itself for some of my out of state family that I have not been so on top of sending out pictures for! So there is 1 less thing off my 1000 to-do's for the holiday's this year.

Here is to hoping that you sit back and relax this holiday season, and not let the stress get you down. Be jolly, be merry, and be blessed. Oh yeah, and be happy eating lots of Christmas cookies!

Disclosure: In exchange for writing about Shutterfly's holiday cards, I will receive 50 free cards of my choice

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