Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Count your blessings

Times are difficult for so many people in the world right now. It's hard to peek towards the future to see the clouds break up for a hope of some sun and the struggles to end. Right now, more than any I ask you to take a moment... or a few and think really hard about all of the things you have to be grateful for. While it may not be easy to do, they are there. Maybe they are blessings in disguise, and you are just not realizing the plan. Or maybe everything is going wonderfully and there are too many blessings to count!

After the tough year my family has had I search for blessings. Once you begin to open your eyes to them, you will see them pile up. I decided to take on the challenge of a friend's and come up with a blessings list. 100 things I am grateful for, blessed with right now. Anything counts, anything goes, no order needed. 

So here is my blessings list today:

1. Little Man
2. Hubby
3. all of my family
4. all of my in-laws
5. friends
6. my house
7. my car
8. food
9. sweet tea
10. great neighbors
11. laptop
12. DVR
13. health
14. a busy calendar
15. nap time
16. cell phone
17. to be able to open my windows on beautiful days
18. comfy couch
19. internet
20. books
21. my boots
22. my camera
23. coffee
24. blogging
25. having great friends to meet up with for drinks every now and then
26. making new friends
27. my faith
28. strength of my family, especially when I feel like my own strength may be failing me
29. music
30. cheese fries
31. memories
32. laughter
33. warm socks
34. comfy jeans
35. fireplace
36. old pictures
37. sun shine
38. rainy days
39. being a Mom
40. special moments between Little Man and me
41. pie
42. diet dr. pepper
43. hopes
44. writing
45. park days
46. Japanese cherry blossom lotion
47. chapstick
48. lip gloss
49. over sized old navy sweatshirts
50. my hooded jacket
51. humility
52. humor
53. day dreams
54. Target
55. crock pot
56. leaked black friday ads :)
57. on-line shopping
58. home made cookies
59. Christmas music
60. You Tube
61. FB
62. CM
63. hobbies
64. gift cards
65. pjs
66. Little Man's closet full of clothes
67. purple nail polish
68. cheap wine :)
69. electricity
70. water
71. heating
72. a/c
73. moon roof in the car
74. stars
75. the moon
76. candy
77. feeling loved
78. hearing CJ say "i love you momma"
79. fans
80. warm towels
81. tooth paste
82. creativity
83. art
84. warm showers
85. soap
86. washing machine
87. dish washer
88. frozen pizza
89. fresh fruit
90. our Christmas fund
91. leaves
92. movies
93. medicine
94. pillows
95. comforter
96. lottery tickets
97. sunglasses
98. dinner rolls
99. clocks
100. ability to feel blessed

So... I ask that you take the challenge. Write down 100 things you are thankful for, blessed with right now at this very moment. Even if you are having the worst day ever, whatever you are going through you can and will find blessings. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes! I'm so glad you did one too! I loved reading it. It's amazing how quickly we can find 100 blessings, isn't it?