Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Growing up...

My Little Man is growing up so fast. Too fast. We toured a pre-school last week. Being the terrible Mom that I am, I secretly wished he would hate it... to give me another reason to wait to enroll him. But no, he settled right in and loved it.

Why must you keep getting older and more independent sweet Little Man? 

When he get's a boo-boo the hugs to make him feel better don't last as long. 3 seconds after holding him he says "CJ okay" and wiggles to get down. I guess I should rejoice in the fact that I have a growing healthy little boy, but I miss the days when he would stay curled up in my arms for an hour just because he wanted to.

But at the same time I'm enjoying the new things every day. Listening to him sing along to songs in the car. Point out different animals as he spots them, and his need to help do laundry. Then there is the constant changing of his mind. He wants the night light on... no he want's it off. No it has to be on. Turn it off now!!! I know this is just a stage, as annoying as it is in the moment of his indecisiveness I think back on the 40 minute debacle sometimes and laugh. Sometimes.

This growing up stuff is going by fast. I haven't done the best job with keeping up with CJ's journal I've kept since before he was born. Things happen so fast and at the end of the day it slips my mind to note something funny he did, or said. 

I guess I just wish there was a pause button in life, or rewind. I think all parents have this wish. At the same time, I can bet I'm not the only one who wishes for a fast forward for the tantrums though...

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