Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sicky Icky Poo

For three weeks now someone in this house has had some sort of sicky icky poo. First it was the stomach bug, then a horrible sinus infection, now me and Little Man have some kind of funk. Cough, fevers, head aches. I'm loosing my voice, my husband for some reason thinks this is great... humph.

CJ has had the worse part this past week. He was the poster child of pitiful. Runny nose and cough, it was hard trying to get him to eat anything. He has been enjoying the popsicles that his Papaw brought over for him though, so at least he's staying hydrated. His fever has been between 100 and 102 for three days. He's finally going to the doctor today, and I'm hoping he will be my happy, active, healthy baby asap!

On a side note, is there such a thing as a Lysol bomb? If so, I want to set one off in this house. I'm sick of the sicky, icky, poo!

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