Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Man's 1st haircut

Little Man's hair has been full of wild curls for a while now. And for a while now I have been telling my husband how badly I wanted to have his hair trimmed... to which I always received the answer "no". After baths and combing his hair, the back would make a perfect rat tail, it almost looked it like had been cut like that. When it dried it was a curly mess. Lately even combing his hair had become a task, trying to comb out the tangles was difficult between his crying and my not wanting to hurt him.

Yesterday I finally talked Jimmy into getting his hair cut. Success! We headed over to Pigtails and Crewcuts. This place is awesome and I would recommend them anyone with a kid for haircuts. Our stylist was very patient and gentle with CJ. He never cried, though he looked on the verge of it a few times. I on the other hand, did cry. For a split second I thought maybe this was too soon, and then tried to remember where the last 17 months had gone. But I gained my composure and watched as my little baby's hair was snipped into a cute little do'. We put some of the hair into a little baggie as a keepsake, and I can't wait to put it along with the pictures in his baby book.

CJ's hair before                                                                        CJ's hair after


  1. I love the little mohawk! Are you going to spike it up like that sometimes? Super cute!

    (but *sigh* the baby curls were quite precious, weren't they?)

  2. We will be doing the spikes alot! I think it's so cute on him!!!