Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting to know God

CJ has some very strict rules about what books he wants to be read to him. We have a routine at bedtime, he picks out the books, usually 4 or 5 a night, and we plop down on the floor and read them. His typical favorites are books that have 3 or 4 sentences a page, and big bright interesting pictures. Anything that requires us to stay on one page for too long and he's done, on his way to find another book. However there is one book, 'My Little Golden book About God', that he seems to love. It's pages are not as bright and colorful as his others, and most pages have a lot of words. But he sits and listens, looking over the pages carefully, very interested in this book. It always make me smile when I read this to him.

Maybe I am the type who looks for signs far too often. But when I read to Little Man about God, he always seems to listen with such interest, I have to wonder if it's because somewhere deep down, he knows how important it is. We do not go to church, but that doesn't mean that we don't have our beliefs. Religion is an important part of my life, and I hope that it is for Little Man as well. It is my intention to teach him about faith and hope and forgiveness. Compassion and humility. The power of a prayer, and believing in something bigger than this world we know.

I enjoy reading to my Little Man, and enjoy it even more when I know he is learning something so important.

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