Monday, April 18, 2011

The best things in life are not things...

Sun shine on my face
wind in my hair
as I fly high in my swing
Ice cream cones to spare

Dogs barking, birds chirping
soft grass under my feet
cool April breeze
I laugh as the bubbles Daddy blows disappear on the concrete

Mommy wonders if I'll remember these precious moments
this simple day
maybe in the future it will come back to me
that I once had no care in the world, only time to play

The best things in life are not things
The best are people- family and friends
all of God's gifts
the sun that warms my world
the soft breeze that kisses my cheeks
sharing cheerios with a friend
pure innocence...

The best things are not things at all, they are gifts.
This is my world, and my Mommy's Faith.

1 comment:

  1. I remember days as a child when I would be making pies in the mud, waiting on my Dad to come home from work. When I would see him walking from the bus stop,I would run to meet him. On Fridays, he would bring M&Ms for us. That was really a big treat. I am sure CJ will remember a lot of his childhood, especially since his Mom has blogs to spark his memory. What a lucky little guy.