Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget...

My heart, my thoughts, my prayers are with those affected by 9/11. 

How can it be that 10 years have passed by? That day, that day that started out as any other beautiful day and unfolded into a real life nightmare for so many. I remember sitting at work and hearing on the radio about a plane that had struck one of the Twin Towers. Like so many others, I thought it had to be a freak accident. Then the report of another plane hitting the second Tower. My co-workers and I were suddenly overcome with fear, heartbreak, confusion... so many emotions. As the tragedies continued and images started to pour in, I remember thinking... why? 

10 years later that question is still fresh in my mind. As I am sure it is fresh in all the minds of those who lost a loved one on that day. Those children that lost a parent, parents that lost children, sisters and brothers lost, and spouses who lost the loves of their lives. My God. I can't even begin to image. 

So today my heart, my thoughts, my prayers are with those children, those parents, those siblings, those spouses... all of those affected by a day that we will never forget. 

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