Thursday, January 6, 2011

My other children

In case I have not mentioned before- me and the Hubby do have 2 other children. Meet Missy and Winston.

Missy and Winston have been our constant furry companions for about 8 years now. Talk about well adjusting dogs. Up until 2009 they were the only babies around our house and got all of the attention any dog could ever want. I remember when I was pregnant the dogs sniffed at my ever growing belly. We would talk about the baby coming and let them hang out in the babies room with the crib. While I was in the hospital the dogs stayed with my parents. I remember that they took home a baby blanket and shirt the baby had been wrapped up in and wore to let the dogs smell it and get used to the scent. My parents would say to the dogs "smell the baby t-shirt". When the dogs were finally introduced to CJ they sniffed him and Missy, some what confused about this little baby, went and found the baby's shirt and carried it to us in her mouth. The dogs seemed to adjust well to having a baby around. I could see they were more calm, and if they started to bark or get rambunctious while CJ was napping, we would just say "be quiet, the Baby t-shirt is sleeping", and they would. Oddly enough- the nickname "Baby t-shirt" has stuck and Little Man still gets called this every now and then.

Now that a year has come and gone CJ, Missy and Winston are BFFs. CJ loves to pet the dogs and give the occasional tail tug. The dogs just take it in stride. The loss of constant attention, play not allowed to be as rough as it use to be (when CJ is around), and the abuse they get from Little Man (unintentional of course). So you may often hear me boast about how I have the best dogs in the world. They were my children before CJ came along. They may be my other children now. But they will always be part of our family.

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  1. Love your "other children", they are adorable. So glad they are good with CJ. Bodie is the same way with Nat - he will take whatever she dishes out, then lick her little face like she's the best thing ever...