Sunday, January 23, 2011

Role models

I remember when I was around 13, I admired Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. I thought she was pretty, and someone I wanted to look like. Back then the internet didn't offer celebrity gossip and we didn't have TMZ on the TV. I didn't know what she was up to off screen other than what I read in Tiger Beat. All I knew was that I thought she was a great actress.

My original post was going to focus on how crappy teens these days have it when it comes to role models. I know that some girls out there look up to Miley Cyrus (remember when she hit the bong?), Snooki and the girls from Teen Mom (got fame from reality tv). Then when I reached out to some Moms of tween and teens on who their kids admired I was a bit surprised with the responses I got.

One Mom responded that her daughter admires some of the older girls at their Equestrian barn, and that these girls are fabulous role models! Anothers son really looks up to athletes.
How about musicians? I'm quoting a Mom on this one - "My boys are into music so they like true artists that can sing without digital aid, play instruments by ear, sound even better live than in the studio. They also like extreme sports stars."

So I was proved wrong. There are still great role models out there! Not all kids are aspiring to be just like Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga.

But the sad truth is, some kids still do. I think us parents just have to hope that our kids wont follow in the same foot steps... we can try to steer them towards better role models but where do we cross the line between shoving good morals down their throats and letting them like who they like?

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  1. Great topic! My role model growing up was my cousin. I could never grasp modeling after people I didn't know, guess they didn't feel "real" enough.

    That being said, I still compared myself to people in the movies/tv/music/media etc (and sometimes still do). And I think this is where it can get so dangerous for kids. Whether or not someone is a role model to them, they are still exposed to them and the public reaction to them.

    The best thing my mom did for me regarding this was voice her opinions and have conversations with me about what these people were doing. It didn't force anything and it ultimately helped me make my own decisions, but I knew exactly where my mom stood and what would be accepted in my house!