Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Promises to my Little Man

Dearest Little Man,

I promise that I will let you have more chocolate so that you wont despise it when you finally do eat some like you did yesterday.

I promise that when I step on your little cars and threaten to throw them all in the trash I never actually will.

I promise to love you even when you stick your finger way up my nose and I scream "ouch, go away".

I promise that even when you wake up crying at 3am for whatever reason, and I don't come right into your room- it's not because I don't hear you.

I promise I will never let the monsters under the bed get you. Ever.

I promise to make sure you know just how special your grandparents are.

I promise that although I cannot shield you from all the bad things in this world, I will try with all my might to keep you from it anyway.

I promise even when your being intolerable and I have to walk away, I still
love you.

I promise that the first girl who breaks your heart isn't worth the time you will spend upset about it.

I promise that in 12 years when you say I don't understand anything, I do.

I promise to tell you I love you every day.

I promise to make sure you know how wonderful you are.

I promise to give you boundaries.

I promise to let you experience things on your own.

I promise to let you learn from your mistakes, but I will offer advice to help you not make so many- because trust me, I've been there done that.

I promise that no matter what, I will always find a way to get you everything you need.

I promise that bullies are worthless, and that karma will one day kick them in the ass.

I promise that it will get better.

I promise to be your biggest fan.

I promise that you will hear my celebration of joy for miles on the day you graduate.

I promise that no matter where you are I will always wish you sweet dreams.

I promise to be open minded.

I promise to be supportive of all of your decisions.

I promise to steer you towards the best life you can have.

I promise to always listen when you have something important to say.

I promise, when the time comes, to welcome whoever you choose to spend the rest of your life with into this family

I promise to spoil my grandchildren.

I promise that even when I am not here anymore, I still love you.


  1. Boy, would I love to be a kid of yours. I really hope you are printing all your entries so littleman will be presented a book some day.

  2. This is such a wonderful idea. If only more parents would do this type of thing. I agree that you should print this so that your son will always have it.