Sunday, January 2, 2011

A place for everything, and everything in it's place!

One of my New Years resolutions was to get my house organized, and to get some of these things on our to-do list done. At first I thought that maybe this would be a long shot, considering we've been "renovating" our master bathroom since early 2009. Yes, that's right. It's still not done. That is what me and my Hubby are so great at. Coming up with a great plan, starting it and then not finishing. This year- I vow that will change.

I have been complaining for sometime now about how our living room has turned into one large toy bin. After Christmas I felt so overwhelmed, even after doing a toy purge. Where would we put all this stuff? Little Man's room is already on the smaller side, and when you factor in some of the big items he received from Santa and family my first thought was- room addition! HAH! Then I came back to reality and focused. Me and Hubby sent Little Man to his Grandma's for a night and we got to it. We started with Little Man's closet. I pulled out piles of outgrown and out of season clothes that had been collecting at the bottom. I made Hubby go into the attic and find as many empty storage tubs as possible, and I began to fill them with toys and clothes. I could not believe how much space we had in his closet after that! I put some of CJ's older, larger toys in the closet to be swapped out in a week or so. The toybox Grandma gave him came in handy. As well as some of the baskets that I recently put away because I thought they were too baby-ish. They have found a new home on the book shelf. In that evening I became an organizing fool. When we were finished and the last block was put away I was astonished at how much room was in Little Man's room. And my living room- it was not a toy bin anymore! All this even after all the Christmas toys! Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but to us- the starters and never finishers- it is a HUGE accomplishment.

My next step- getting our bedroom finished. Maybe sometime before I'm 50 we will finish the master bathroom!


  1. Ah! The toy purge! The starter but not finisher! It's like you've been to my house too! A few weeks before Christmas we purged and organized Natalie's room. And a bunch of crap ended up in the computer room. And is still there! I'll get to it! I swear!

    :) Hope you guys had a great Christmas! And good luck on that bedroom!

  2. Becca- why do our computer rooms always get the most abuse? :)