Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mommy Mind

Some days I think I have simply gone mad. My mind has left me and run off to a more simple care free place. For instance yesterday, while showering, I couldn't figure out why my conditioner would not rinse out of my hair. Then I realized, I put shaving cream in it. Shaving cream?!
side note: I feel it's important to add that it was not a miraculous discovery of an unknown beauty secret, my hair was looking quite oily yesterday as a result of my mishap.

Several days ago, I was cooking dinner and went to turn a burner off. Instead, I turned a different burner on. Didn't realize until 5 minutes later what I had done. The terrible part is, I looked down and saw the red light on- but didn't acknowledge what I had done. Two weeks ago I put our milk in the pantry. My list of "oops" have become so long that it scares me. I am a walking accident waiting to happen.

I now know that I am suffering from a very serious but common condition known as, Mommy mind. Many mothers suffer from this condition.
Symptoms may include- putting dinner in the oven without actually turning the oven on; washing 4 loads of clothes only to realize when your done you forgot to put detergent in the washer; turning your stove on, chopping vegetables and then forgetting what you were attempting to cook in the first place; misplacing keys, cell phone, children etc.

There is help available if you suffer from Mommy mind. A nice cold beer, or glass of wine. Indulging in chocolate or 5 minutes of "me" time can sometimes assist your mind in finding it's way back to you. Or at least I hope it does...


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!

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  3. PS Veronica - I read your post about the stuffed buddies- Loved the Ian Somerhalder comment. I was lmao b/c I was just talking about the Vampire Diaries before I read the post. Great minds, great minds...

  4. Haha! I love your list of symptoms! All true.

    The Lazy Mom
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  5. !!! Pardon my shock for a moment while I allow it to sink in that THE LAZY MOM herself just commented on my blog. OK, I'm cool. Thanks Stacey- I compiled a list of symptoms from other Moms, it seems we have all experienced them all atleast once or twice!

  6. Mommy mind is a cruel, embarrassing thing. Yet quite amusing to my husband, for he never gets enough of watching me try to put cold food in the pantry, utensils in the freezer, and more often than not walking around with my fly down or yoga pants on backward.

  7. Embarrassing indeed. It's also embarrassing when I'm caught checking to make sure my zipper is up. I mean really, would people rather it be down?

  8. oh! mommy brain! I've been there!! I still am there sometimes!! :) thanks for linking up to Wed Walk!!