Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On a short leash

Before I became a Mom it was easy for me as an onlooker to say "I would never do that". I would see parents doing things that I swore I'd never do. One of the things I swore I'd never do was a baby harness- or for lack of better wording- baby leash. You know what I'm talking about. The child has a harness on them that has a tether that the parent will hold. I was not judging these parents that used these, I just told myself that when I had a child I'd take a different route. However, this weekend while attending a Halloween carnival with Little Man I realized that if I had a harness for him, I might be able to relax a little bit. Every time I put him down he would take off. He does not like to hold anyone's hand, as much as I try and fight him on it. You steer him in one direction, he wants to go the other. Even attempting to teach him a bean bag toss, the game attendant would hand him a bag and he would try to run away with it. I didn't want to hold him the whole time- 23 pounds can get heavy after a few minutes; and I wanted him to be able to enjoy the carnival from outside his stroller. Was I just suppose to chase him around the whole time? After a horse and carriage ride we called it a day and went home. The thought of the harness didn't enter my mind again until Halloween night. I took Little Man out for his first night of trick or treating. It went great. That is, until someone would answer their door, CJ just walked right on into their house. I understand that a 1 year old doesn't know any better, but that leash would have come in handy. So finally, I have given in. I bought a leash for my son. Excuse me, a harness.

We used it for the first time today in Home Depot. All I can say is, best $12.79 ever spent. Little Man had no choice but to go in the direction we went. Every now and then I'd let him lead the way. But I couldn't help but wonder if people thought it looked like I was "walking my child". But no matter what the onlookers thought I knew I'd rather be safe knowing Little Man was on the other end of that leash, than be sorry.


  1. I can relate to this whole post. I didn't like the idea of a harness either. I thought it was cruel when my step-mother put one on my little sister. I didn't realize then how hard it is to chase a 1 year old. I've been thinking about getting one for my son too. I'd rather people judge me than have my son run off when I'm paying for something in the check out line. At least I'd know he was safe.

    My son also tried to walk into people's houses while Trick or Treating. Lol!

  2. LOL - it amazes me all of the things that I've said I wouldn't do, that I do now.

  3. I totally had one for my first son. I remember being in an airport with him and being so happy I had one. A stranger made some snide comment, but I knew it was the best thing for both of us.
    Love the puppy costume on the other post. Very cute!

  4. Yes, I definitely understand the harness so much more as a parent!